Hot air balloon advertising is an effective tool in a company’s arsenal of techniques to get their name and products in front of the American consumer. Often compared to a roadside billboard, a hot air balloon delivers a company’s name and logo in bold, 16’+ tall letters with tag lines and colors that soar high in the sky. The major advantage a balloon has over a billboard:

Ask yourself – how many people took photographs of your last billboard campaign and put it on their wall or in their newspaper?

One of the most important advantages hot air ballooning contributes to your company is building brand equity. Hot air balloons leave your consumers with a positive emotional experience which they correlate with your product(s). The competition cannot compare and will leave them trailing behind.

Now consider adding to all of this a wider influence with additional value. At no extra cost you have the ability to fly corporate guests, entertain the media and potentially help raise large sums of money for charity, among other things.

All of this can be achieved for a cost-per-thousand that’s pennies! SkyHighwill help you achieve this type of lasting impact.

Banners – Currently, SkyHigh’s primary hot air balloon has room for up to three, 32’x16′  banner spaces around the equatorial space of the balloon. Banners can be installed for both short term or long term usage.

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Custom Inflatables

Let SkyHigh Aerial Promotions LLC help you in designing, creating and purchasing your own custom designed cold air inflatable, helium inflatable, parade balloons or remote control balloon. SkyHigh Aerial Promotions LLC works closely with a premier custom design manufacturer of promotional advertising inflatables in the world and can provide you with an inflatable that’s high quality, durable and capable of accurately recreating your brand, products and icons.

cold air inflatable sits on the ground and requires power for the blower to keep them inflated.  A helium inflatable, including parade balloons and remote control blimps, fly in the air and need to be filled with helium to fly.  One of these types of inflatables will be just right for you!

All our balloons are custom made to order and can be designed in just about any way that you desire.  There are  no minimum quantity orders – you can order just one inflatable or can order as many as you need.  A single unit custom design inflatable will normally take 4-6+ weeks for manufacturing, depending on the level of detail you want recreated.  If you’re not looking for a custom design advertising inflatable, there are a variety of  stock shape designs you can choose.  Normal delivery time for a stock shape inflatable is 1-3 weeks.

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